Fire Pit Glass

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“Create a fantastic look with the addition of fire glass.”

Heighten the ambience of your outdoor space with fire pit glass. No longer is the attractiveness and practicality of decorative pit glass reserved only for the opulent. With so many color options, give your fire pit a fresh existence. Replace those old ceramic logs and commonplace lava rocks.

Fire pit glass retains more heat than ceramic logs. Glass is a wonderful material–stays clean, emits no soot, doesn’t melt, and has a captivating appearance.

Red_Flat-150x150 Red_Chunk-150x150 DARKGreenLandscapeGlassMedium DARKGreenLandscapeGlass-150x150
ReflectiveBlackSize2-150x150 reflective_grey-150x150 reflective_bronze-150x150

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